About Us

The Parkinson's Breakthrough Program was written by internationally acclaimed Health Coach Matt Traverso. For the past 15 years he has dedicated his life to finding cutting-edge, breakthrough solutions that not only are effective but also have no negative side effects.

Matt is a big believer in fusing together ancient wisdom and the most advanced scientific technologies, therefore you will find him regularly attend the latest health conferences and browsing online medical journals to bring you the very latest and best in research science.

Matt's extraordinary compassion for people and his passion for life has made this E-book currently the No. 1 most popular and most effective Parkinson's-reversing resource available on the Net, bar none. This book encompasses his very heart and soul. All his affiliates are typically ex-Parkinson's sufferers because they used the program, got excellent results, and now they want to let people know about it.

Matt's work involves some force larger than himself to use the right of freedom of speech and bring this information to as many people as possible. Matt is available to be contacted any time by telephone or postal mail. Make your initial approach through e-mail for further details